Changes for the next contest

After having run 2 competitions so far for a Gold Coast Getaway (the 2nd draw is in less than a week) and one try at the Spin2Win wheel, these are the changes we're proposing for the next contest.

1/ Win a hotel stay anywhere in the world.

Not everyone can get themselves to the Gold Coast, Australia and so, while the best value will still be to take the Gold Coast accommodation, you will have the choice to use a USD$200 voucher instead in one of over 50,000 hotels world wide.

Where would you like to go?

2/ Run weekly Spin2Win competitions

Instead of accumulating spin points over the length of the entire competition, we'll run separate competitions each week.

That means that those who enter late, or fall behind the leader board can always have a chance at winning the next week.

In addition we'll not only be awarding prizes to those with the most Spin Points, but we'll also give prizes to those who finish in positions such as 50 and 100.

You can see how the new system works by clicking the button below:

3/ Tweak the Referral System

In the first two competitions, contestants were awarded 20 entry points for referring someone.

In Competition #3 we're reducing that to 10, while introducing a new system whereby if someone you refers wins a prize (excl the major one!) you'll win the same one too.

The change is designed to provide greater reward to those who refer people who are active on our site, rather than just signing up friends and family who are  passive.

What Do You Think?

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